Monday, January 12, 2015

Billsup mobile app 2.0 released

Hi Billsup'ers!

It's been a while since we've blogged. But we wanted to start the new year by telling you that we've released version 2.0 of our Android and iOS apps!

They are now available on iOS and Android. We've fixed a couple bugs, and redesigned the UI for Android. The mobile version is a very light version of our web application, so you can keep track of debts on the go!

What's new in this version:

  • new user interface for Android
  • ability to edit bills
  • "add friends" feature
  • ability to edit groups
  • fix for Android lollipop crash
  • removed ads
  • works offline
  • sync with website

Download the new apps now:

Current limitations:
  • itemized bills and debt transfers are not supported yet
  • friend details and remove friend features coming in future versions
  • delete and copy bill features are not yet available
  • requires password (Google or Facebook login not available yet)

Please support us by rating our apps :) Feel free to give us feedback so we can improve in our future versions.

Caleb @ Billsup team

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

date format setting

Many of you have been requesting for a different date format for your locale. Well, you can now set your date format setting within the website settings!

This feature is currently only available for our website.

Happy billing!
- Billsup team

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Introducing Bill Attachments

Hi billsup users,

We've just introduced a new feautre called "Bill attachments". Using our web interface, you can now attach files and pictures to your bills. This would be useful for receipts, bills, and anything for reference when you add your bills and debts with your friends.

Under attachments, choose your picture or file to start the upload, then save your bill - that's it! Now you're sharing files with your friends!

Hope this helps with your shared billing!
-Billsup team

PS This feature is currently only available through our website.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Android app updated with copy and delete features

Hi Billsup users,

just wanted to let you know that our Android app has been updated. We've fixed a few bugs and added some simple features to help with your billing needs.

In this new version, we have made the delete functionality available to all users. Before, the delete function is only accessible via the options menu, which wasn't made available to Android 3.0+ within our app. Now, the delete function is available for everyone in the action bar.

As well, you will notice the new copy feature, which will make creating those frequently-added bills easier to enter. Once the icon is clicked, all details are copied, and the date is automatically set to today for your convenience.

Update or Download our new Android app now!

Note: As before, only simple and editable bills can be edited, deleted, or copied. The bills that are more complicated, such as those involving one or more items, will not be editable in the Android app yet.

Happy billing!
- Billsup team

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Debt balance graph

Hi all,

in case you didn't notice, we added a "debt balance" graph within the friend's details page to let you visualize your balance with your friends. This is one of the requested features by many of you :-) A positive balance means your friend owes you money, whereas a negative balance means you owe your friend money.

update on iOS app

We know that the iOS app has not been behaving well on certain devices. We're trying to get this working better and resolved - thanks for your patience! If you're experiencing trouble, feel free to contact us regarding your issue. Meanwhile, if the app isn't working, please navigate to our mobile site for your bill sharing needs!

Billsup team

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

mobile apps and website synchronization

Hi billsuppers!

hello, and a few updates.

Windows Phone app updated
1.0.1 of the Windows Phone app has been released! This version fixes locale issues where the app is not working properly for devices outside of the US locale. We've pushed an update that should have fixed it for other countries.

Having mobile sync issues?
Some users are having trouble with syncing data between their mobile app, please send us more information so that we can help reproduce and diagnose your issues:
  • Your billsup accuont id (e.g.
  • App version (e.g. Android 1.1)
  • Your geographical location (e.g. United States)
  • Device model and OS version (e.g. Galaxy Nexus, Android Ice cream sandwich)
  • Describe exactly is wrong, what you expect, and what you actually get that's different from your expectations.
Want to help?
If you like Billsup, here's how you can help:
If you have feature suggestions, feel free to contact us. 
Billsup team

Thursday, January 17, 2013

iOS and Windows Phone apps released

Hi all,

Today we're excited to launch our mobile apps on iOS and Windows Phone!

iOS "1.0 Lite" version on iTunes:

Currently the app is not fully featured, but it does all the basics! What's included:

  • See your debt summary with your friends
  • offline mode - you can add and view your bills even when you're not connected
  • specify multiple payers, and custom amounts for bills
  • add and view shared bills, debts, and payments (delete and editing bills is not included, but hopefully coming soon)
  • groups support - add your groups easily
  • multiple currency support
  • available on iPod touch, iPhone and iPad
  • Free!

Windows Phone app on Marketplace:

  • See your debt summary with your friends
  • Syncs with and stays up to date
  • offline mode - add, view, and edit your bills even when you're not connected
  • Specify custom amounts for bills
  • groups support - add and view your groups easily
  • multiple currency support - over 100 of them
  • Native Windows Phone UI - Panorama and Pivots!
  • Free, or get the paid version to support our development efforts, thanks so much!

These apps are only in version v1.0, so we definitely would invite feedback or bug reports! As well, if you like our apps, write a review in the respective stores and help us out.

-billsup team