Sunday, July 29, 2012

Billsup goes mobile


We're happy to announce that our Android app has been released to the Google Play store

In this first version:

  • Add shared bills
  • Add debts
  • See how much your friends owe you
  • Record payments
  • Multi-currency support
  • Works online and offline
  • Syncs with

Keep in mind that this is only the first prototype version, and we're pushing hard to add new features and refine our current user interface. Feel free to send us any feedback on! If you like the app, we would appreciate if you can write a review for us on the Google Play store.

Other mobile platforms

While we are developing the app for other platforms, did you know that Billsup is now optimized for mobile devices? You can simply navigate to the site on your mobile device, and enjoy the rich features that Billsup provides.

Happy bill splitting on the go!
Billsup team

Monday, July 23, 2012

Multiple currency support

For those travelling on business or for vacation - you'd still want to keep track of those expenses. Did you know that Billsup supports many currencies?

100+ currencies

We support over 100 currencies, so no matter where you are - we've got your covered. Whether you used USD $ to pay for that new gadget, or INR ₹ to pay for dinner, you can set it individually for each bill, debt, or payment.

Billsup figures out the owing amount for everything and tallies it up for your different currencies, so you wouldn't have to do the math. On a recent trip with my friend John, I shared a bunch of expenses with him in China and in Europe.

Here's what it looks like on my "My friends" page (i.e. debt summary with John):

From Friends detail page (e.g. My Friends-> John):

Default currency

For the currency you use the most, set your default currency in your profile page (i.e. click your name next to "Log Out":

If you notice that a currency is missing or incorrect - let us know!

Happy travelling!
Billsup team

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Shared bills explained - part 1

Today I'll be explaining one of our features - shared bills.

We share bills all the time - dining out with friends, splitting utility bills with housemates, or just sharing group expenses while on vacation. Billsup wants to help you with that, so that you can focus on what you love without worrying too much about debts and bills.

Shared bills are usually bills shared between more than 3 people. For bills involving just 2 people, a debt may be more suitable. We'll go over debt on a different post.

Simple example - road trip gas

This is the example taken from the tour, if you haven't taken it - do try it out!

So let's say Tom is on a road trip with John and Mary, and they decide to split the gas evenly throughout the trip. Normally, Tom would have to save all the receipts and figure out the settle-up details later. This can cause headaches with lost receipts, and also the math can be tricky - what if Tom paid for gas at the first leg, and John paid for the later legs?

Instead, Tom can easily enter each bill right away into Billsup and keep a trailing digital record of their expenses, and settle up with his friends later, so he can focus on having fun on his trip rather than about receipts and bills.

Here is what Tom needs to enter:
  • Participants (Tom, John, and Mary) - who is involved in this bill, including everyone sharing the expenses and the person(s) who paid
  • Bill details - here Tom can simply enter the total bill amount, which is $65.00 for this gas fillup
  • Who paid? - this is the person who paid for the bill. In this example, Tom paid for the bill, which will later be split between him, John, and Mary

The shared bill option can be used for meals, rent, utilities, flight tickets, hotels, or any other shared bills.

We'll be covering a more complex example next time - itemizing a shared bill! stay tuned!
Billsup team

Thursday, July 12, 2012

My Friends

Warm welcome to our new users! It's just been a couple days since our public launch. We're still working overtime to respond to your feedback.

We just pushed out an update today! Your debt summary is now accessible via "My Friends" with new shortcut icons!
  • Quickly see how much you owe each other
  • Easily remind owing amount
  • Shortcut to record a payment to settle up

In addition to this, we've fixed a couple bugs regarding failed Google and Facebook login's. If you ever find an issue, let us know via our contact form and we'll be happy to fix it!

Billsup Team

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Just launched

Today we celebrate a great milestone for Billsup - we have just released our first public beta for our website!

In this release, we're proud to announce:

  • Google and Facebook Login: You have the option to sign up for a Billsup account, or register quickly using Google or Facebook!
  • Debt Summary - quickly see who owes how much
  • Groups - quickly add multiple people to a shared bill
  • Three different transactions: Debts, Shared Bills, and Payments.
    • Debt - quick way to keep track of your IOUs
    • Shared bill - multiple people sharing a bill like Dinner, Rent, Trips
      • Forget about figuring out how to split the bill in a big group. Let one or two people pay, and let Billsup do the tracking
    • Payment - keep track when someone pays you back

And more!

Sign up for free on, or take a tour with Tom.

-The Billsup Team

Monday, July 9, 2012


Hello world!

The Billsup blog is live! Our team is currently reviewing feedback from our private web beta and getting ready to launch the site for public beta! Follow our progress on Facebook or Twitter!

The Billsup Team