Monday, July 23, 2012

Multiple currency support

For those travelling on business or for vacation - you'd still want to keep track of those expenses. Did you know that Billsup supports many currencies?

100+ currencies

We support over 100 currencies, so no matter where you are - we've got your covered. Whether you used USD $ to pay for that new gadget, or INR ₹ to pay for dinner, you can set it individually for each bill, debt, or payment.

Billsup figures out the owing amount for everything and tallies it up for your different currencies, so you wouldn't have to do the math. On a recent trip with my friend John, I shared a bunch of expenses with him in China and in Europe.

Here's what it looks like on my "My friends" page (i.e. debt summary with John):

From Friends detail page (e.g. My Friends-> John):

Default currency

For the currency you use the most, set your default currency in your profile page (i.e. click your name next to "Log Out":

If you notice that a currency is missing or incorrect - let us know!

Happy travelling!
Billsup team


  1. Whats the sources of the currency rates and as of which date? Date of bill recording or today's date?

    1. Hi Raghav, we currently display the different currencies for you and leave the power of converting currencies with whatever exchange rate you wish with your friends.

      If you look at the screenshots above, you can see that different currencies are shown when you have bills or debts reported in different currencies.


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