Thursday, November 21, 2013

Android app updated with copy and delete features

Hi Billsup users,

just wanted to let you know that our Android app has been updated. We've fixed a few bugs and added some simple features to help with your billing needs.

In this new version, we have made the delete functionality available to all users. Before, the delete function is only accessible via the options menu, which wasn't made available to Android 3.0+ within our app. Now, the delete function is available for everyone in the action bar.

As well, you will notice the new copy feature, which will make creating those frequently-added bills easier to enter. Once the icon is clicked, all details are copied, and the date is automatically set to today for your convenience.

Update or Download our new Android app now!

Note: As before, only simple and editable bills can be edited, deleted, or copied. The bills that are more complicated, such as those involving one or more items, will not be editable in the Android app yet.

Happy billing!
- Billsup team