Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Just launched

Today we celebrate a great milestone for Billsup - we have just released our first public beta for our website!

In this release, we're proud to announce:

  • Google and Facebook Login: You have the option to sign up for a Billsup account, or register quickly using Google or Facebook!
  • Debt Summary - quickly see who owes how much
  • Groups - quickly add multiple people to a shared bill
  • Three different transactions: Debts, Shared Bills, and Payments.
    • Debt - quick way to keep track of your IOUs
    • Shared bill - multiple people sharing a bill like Dinner, Rent, Trips
      • Forget about figuring out how to split the bill in a big group. Let one or two people pay, and let Billsup do the tracking
    • Payment - keep track when someone pays you back

And more!

Sign up for free on http://www.billsup.com, or take a tour with Tom.

-The Billsup Team

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