Wednesday, February 27, 2013

mobile apps and website synchronization

Hi billsuppers!

hello, and a few updates.

Windows Phone app updated
1.0.1 of the Windows Phone app has been released! This version fixes locale issues where the app is not working properly for devices outside of the US locale. We've pushed an update that should have fixed it for other countries.

Having mobile sync issues?
Some users are having trouble with syncing data between their mobile app, please send us more information so that we can help reproduce and diagnose your issues:
  • Your billsup accuont id (e.g.
  • App version (e.g. Android 1.1)
  • Your geographical location (e.g. United States)
  • Device model and OS version (e.g. Galaxy Nexus, Android Ice cream sandwich)
  • Describe exactly is wrong, what you expect, and what you actually get that's different from your expectations.
Want to help?
If you like Billsup, here's how you can help:
If you have feature suggestions, feel free to contact us. 
Billsup team


  1. I think the next feature you should be looking at is -- to maintain a history of Bills edits.

  2. history of edit bills must be there.. its hard to track otherwise

  3. iOS app not syncing.

  4. I did not know about the important of billsup account!! Thanks for letting us know.

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