Thursday, January 17, 2013

iOS and Windows Phone apps released

Hi all,

Today we're excited to launch our mobile apps on iOS and Windows Phone!

iOS "1.0 Lite" version on iTunes:

Currently the app is not fully featured, but it does all the basics! What's included:

  • See your debt summary with your friends
  • offline mode - you can add and view your bills even when you're not connected
  • specify multiple payers, and custom amounts for bills
  • add and view shared bills, debts, and payments (delete and editing bills is not included, but hopefully coming soon)
  • groups support - add your groups easily
  • multiple currency support
  • available on iPod touch, iPhone and iPad
  • Free!

Windows Phone app on Marketplace:

  • See your debt summary with your friends
  • Syncs with and stays up to date
  • offline mode - add, view, and edit your bills even when you're not connected
  • Specify custom amounts for bills
  • groups support - add and view your groups easily
  • multiple currency support - over 100 of them
  • Native Windows Phone UI - Panorama and Pivots!
  • Free, or get the paid version to support our development efforts, thanks so much!

These apps are only in version v1.0, so we definitely would invite feedback or bug reports! As well, if you like our apps, write a review in the respective stores and help us out.

-billsup team

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