Friday, January 11, 2013

Site back to normal

Hey all,

Recently our website got compromised and we want to tell you the extent and the impact of the event.

Cause: one of the persons in our team was logging into our server's ftp using normal ftp, so his requests was prone to a sniffing attack. We have educated this person, and he is using encryption with his ftp sessions from now on.

Impact: the damage was minimal as they were only able to access the front-end of the site (i.e. the webpages), not your data. Hence, no data was lost or damaged. (As well, your data is encrypted and stored daily with backups even if the database is compromised)

We apologize about the incident, and we will continue to take every measure to make your experience smooth.

-Billsup team


  1. thanks for your quick response on this!

  2. You have shown transperancy by sharing the news. Good to know that you have resolved it. But, please improve security and be careful. First thing that you can start with is HTTPS as most of the data that you have is personal information


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