Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Edit bills together

Hello, this week we've added some features that would give you more control as you share your bills with your friends.

Let your friends update your bills

Sometimes we make mistakes (in bill adding or in life), but good thing we have friends who've got our backs!   Here is the settings section that you would see when you create a bill:

  • you can now allow the other participants edit the bill: anyone involved in a bill can change its details, such as update an item's amount, change the split amount, add another participant, or add some notes to a bill.
  • By default, we allow your friends to see the bill through a special link (from "Show Link") without logging in. This makes it easy for them to see the bill or share it with others. If you want more security, you can enable "Participants must log in to view" so that your friends would have to log in before seeing the bill.

Notify your friends

When you save a transaction, you now have the option to notify your friends (or not), and add a comment with the notification.

  • Save and notify: saves the bill and sends a notification email to your friends regarding this update: this is useful in letting your friends know what you've changed.
  • Save but Don't notify: saves the bill but would NOT send a notification email to your friends. This could be useful for quick updates, but use this option carefully.

Turn off notifications

We've also added an option to turn off your email notifications. This is NOT recommended, as you'll miss out on important updates and such! However, we feel that you should have the option to receive emails or not.
You can find these settings in your profile: by clicking on your name next to "logout".

Go ahead! Collaborate with your friends!
Billsup team


  1. Yay! That's what we needed. Thanks a lot.
    Next should be the revamp of Android app.

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