Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Transactions page updated

The transactions page now shows the total amount of the bills!

As well, you can do a "quick view" of a transaction without navigating into its detailed page. When you click on a transaction, you can quickly see its impact on you, as well as other participants that are involved.
As before, you can still click on the title of the transaction to directly view or edit the bill/debt/payment/transfer.

That's it for now - hope that helps, enjoy!
Billsup team


  1. Nice feature. One suggestion. Can you guys give edit permission to members in a transaction. Now only the person who created the transaction has the permission to edit it.

    1. yep, just added this:

  2. Good one, One suggestion on Transactions page, Can you add "impact on you" amount just beside the transaction amount. That shows the entire transactions impact on a first glance with out going through so many clicks. Also Is it possible to add a feature to show the individual graphs of transaction between friends, for e.g. on "My Friends" page - in grid, on clicking on a friend name a popup/ page with the line graph of transactions history would really help.

  3. Could you please tell me how to add/edit friend's name in billsup. While adding new friend, I added only email id and no name. Please help to edit it.

  4. let me know how to delete a transaction.


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