Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Bill search & Bill copying

You suggested, we're delivering :) You said:

  • "Search transactions -- can be useful."
  • "Search-able transactions, I cant find any right now."
  • "Copying transactions -- this is a simple but very useful feature for those recurring transactions"

Basic transaction searching

We have just pushed an update that supports basic searching for transactions (bills, payments, debts). The search box is available in your list of bills and also in the friends details page. Currently, you can search using the name (aka purpose) of the transaction. We will be adding more search options if more users request it :)

Bill copying

We understand that sometimes there are bills or debts that are similar or even identical. Well, we have just pushed out the option to copy a bill, debt, or a payment. Simply hit "Copy" button (next to Edit) to copy the details, modify it as you wish, and hit Save.

Keep those suggestions coming. We're looking through various feedback and there's tons to work on. We want to build a tool that YOU the users would find helpful. If you have feedback, feel free to contact us.

Billsup Team


  1. Hi guys,
    I would like to request you for a schuffle feature. May I please know how much time would it take to implement the same.


    1. it's coming very very soon -

  2. Hey guys great application this. How about a tip and tax feature as well?

    1. Yes please! Tip and tax. Have it pro-rate based on spend on the bill.

  3. Great Job. It would be great , if billsup could provide option to download transactions as excel sheet or PDF. Also if there is a way we can upload a spreadsheet and that could be converted to transactions. Great job so for. Good luck Billsup

  4. This is a great app. It would be nice if when adding a bill, the value each person owes shows up against their name before we save the bill. Right now it shows up only after the bill is saved which makes it difficult to edit before the save is performed.


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