Monday, August 13, 2012

Email notifications may be affected

Hey all,

Warm welcome to all our new users!

In fact, our email servers got a little overwhelmed by you guys these couple days that it is forcing us to move or upgrade. Today we were actually going to make some progress on a feature that starts with "de" and ends with "uffle", but instead we've been battling a "you've reached your mail sending limit" messages all day. So, we're exploring where to move, and trying to keep our mail servers alive. If you have ideas or connections, let us know.

Meanwhile, you may experience some delays (or lost) notification emails - sorry about that! For those who may be waiting on an activation link for the sign-up process, we do encourage you to use Google or Facebook login - it's easy and fast!

Having said this, your bill adding and tracking experience should not be affected. Do let us know if you find a problem - or the contact us form.

Thanks for your patience,
Billsup team


  1. Thanks for updates Caleb!!!

    We are eagerly waiting for the feature that starts with "de" and ends with "uffle". :-)

    No issues with your email getting delayed....personally I don't care much about it...

  2. Caleb, just joined... great site... one feature that we miss is while splitting bills, it will be great to see the individual amounts there itself on the posting page... thanks...

  3. Hello.
    This site is very good and is working great these days but just like buxfer and billmonk in the past there will be huge issues of traffic management.
    Just make sure you have the servers or infrastructure in place for that. It just takes one user to get very enthusiastic about it and post the link of this website on reddit.


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