Friday, August 10, 2012

Happy 1 month!

Can you believe it has only been one month since our public beta launch? That's right, we launched on July 10th, but it sure feels longer than that on our end (maybe we've been working too hard and need a vacation?).

Here is what we've been able to accomplish so far:

  • Debts with Friends
    • Debt Summary - easily see who owes how much on one screen
    • Basic Groups
  • Tracking bills
    • Record shared bills, debts, payments
    • Bill copying
    • Basic bill searching
    • Multiple currency support
  • Login using Facebook or Google
  • Mobile
Just wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone who has signed up and tried Billsup. You are the early adopters of our product, and we sure hope you like it. From here on, it's just going to get better. We're so excited for the many upcoming features and improvements planned, so stay with us! Feel free to send us feedback or suggestions, we do listen!

Here is how YOU can help:
Thanks again for supporting us,
Billsup Team


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks for your interest - it's in the works.

  2. This has been the right time for you guys to launch this website. I have been using billmonk for sometime now and this is so very relieving and refreshing. It is a damn good site and yes lot of places for improvement. Good work guys! I have even started recommending this to my friends.

    Excited User,

  3. any plans for import/export feature to the expenses/transaction/debts.

    Thanks a lot!


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