Monday, October 8, 2012

Android App Update

We've just pushed an update to our Android app!

The changes include maintenance required for integration with the frequent updates on the website's end, as well as new features.


  • Friends' pictures are loaded and shown (from the device's contacts)
  • Press and hold a Friend to quickly add bills with that friend
  • Quick buttons within a friend's details page to add bills with that friend


  • Bills show dollar amounts in the bills list for quick viewing
  • Add participants via email (no longer restricted to contacts)
  • Ability to pick desired email if a contact has multiple emails
  • Ability to delete bills via context menu within a bill


  • Add bills quickly using the + icon on the action bar
  • Updated sync algorithm to maintain support with the website updates
  • New version is supported minimal ads, hopefully they would not be obstructive
  • Multiple-email profiles are not fully supported
More information on Google Play! Let us know what you think at Give us a positive review on Google Play if you like it :)

Update on other mobile platforms

We're still working on iOS and Windows Phone apps. It's been quite challenging with the frequent website updates, along with our ambition to support offline adding/editing for the mobile apps. We'll keep you updated.

Billsup Team


  1. when will you release Apple app?

  2. The new update is buggy. It's not syncing each and every transaction from web. As a result the figures shown in both Web and app are different. Please fix it ASAP

  3. should be fixed now on the server end, re-sync and check your balances. If you continue to run into issues, let us know at

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