Monday, October 1, 2012

Import your data to Billsup!

We've just pushed out our data importer to help you transfer your friends and debts to Billsup!

ex-Billmonk users

If you're coming from Billmonk, you can import your past transactions as well as your friends and balances right over to us! All you need to do is download 2 files from Billmonk ( and (, and upload them to our system. It's pretty easy, and we let you verify your debts before importing them so that no money is lost.

Other systems

It's also easy to switch even if you're coming from elsewhere. Simply enter your friends' emails and any debts you'd want to transfer, and you're set! We will send the invites and set up debts for you.

In the "balance to transfer" column, we will add new debts. In the example above, we would create a debt where John owes you USD $50.00. You can verify and modify these debts under transactions after an import. (Be careful not to transfer your balance multiple times for the same friend, otherwise you may get extra debts since we create new debts during import)


There are couple things to note if you're importing your Billmonk transactions:
  • Imported transactions are not be editable (why try to change the past?)
  • Imported transactions are only visible to you and any participants who have chosen to import from Billmonk.
  • Imported transactions do not affect your debt balances with friends (they are meant to serve as records only).
  • Debt Shuffles are not imported since imported transactions do not affect debt balances (see above). If you choose to import friends and debts, we let you verify your debts before importing them so that no money is lost.

Try it out and let us know how it works out for you! Thank you to those who've made Billsup their new homes for splitting bills. Whether you are sharing expenses with friends, managing IOUs within a club, tracking bills in your shared apartment - we've got you covered!

-Billsup team


  1. Transactions menu is not working after the recent release. Please take a look on this.

    1. hey jayaprakash, thanks for reporting the problem. We can't reproduce this, can you please include more details - are there only some bills missing, are they all missing? Please include more details and let us know at

  2. Thanks for your quick response. It is not displaying any bills. We checked it in all of our friend's machines. It's not working. Also, none of the menu (New shared bill, New debt...) seems to be working. Please share the contact email id. I can provide you the screenshots.

  3. Hi Billsup Team,

    While importing the transaction the Friends and transaction does not integrate together properly! i have imported the transactions and friends and the transaction does not co relate with the friends. Transactions are shown separate and friends total balance is shown separate.

    Is it supposed to work this way or you have any other way to set this up.

    1. Hi! Transaction and friend importing are decoupled by design. Balances from transactions actually do not affect debt balances, see the "Notes" section in the blog post for details. If you still have questions or concerns, let us know at

  4. In BillMonk, there was a way to create a "nickname" for everyone. How do you do this in Billsup?

  5. Is there a way to
    1. Edit NickName
    2. Export data. Import option is available. But how to export data to an excel or other format?

  6. Bill up is the technique for the import bills. The friend can share the balance. The user may get advantage for the transfer of money from one friend to other with the help of medical editing. They must use our bill our channel for such transactions. People from different area might use our techniques.


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