Thursday, October 11, 2012

Server upgrade & your help

Some of you might have been affected by the recent downtime.

First off, sorry for the unexpected outage. This is a rare event. It has been our commitment and is still our commitment to provide you with the best bill-sharing service possible. It was a stressful 24-hour event for us trying to get the service back up for you.

What happened

Our old hosting provider (Arvixe) was having some hardware issues and was unable to rectify the problem in good time. Hence, we had to expedit one of our ongoing projects to move to a more salable solution, which is AWS - this solution costs more, but should yield a more pleasant experience as our user base grows (it just means it'll cost us more in terms of operations).

Update: Site should be fully functional at this point :) thanks~!

What to do next time

Here are some tips as to what you can do if the server ever goes down (which shouldn't be normal)

Our commitment

We really value you, and appreciate your patience with Billsup. We won't just abandon our users. On the web, servers go down once in a while, even to the best of us: what makes Billsup different is that we would do what we can to keep it running. We don't want a similar situation like Billmonk.

How you can help

Bear with us as we continue to upgrade our servers to handle the heavier loads. If you want to support us financially, you can do so here. Any contributions:

  • Will help us improve our service: better/faster servers that don't crash. Running algorithms like shuffling debts require powerful servers (and lots of math).
  • Will go towards the operational costs and keep Billsup going before we implement a sustainable revenue model.
  • Will help support the developers: your contributions will help us spend more time on Billsup instead of our normal jobs.
  • Will help us feel appreciated. Perhaps it's a way of saying thanks, especially if you like our features

Thanks again for being with us,
-Billsup team


  1. Nice !! I moved over from billmonk to billsup due to the downtime there. Nice to see you people acknowledging the downtime, atleast some info unlike billmonk.

  2. Its time you guys started looking for advertising revenue...i dont mind a few popups, if it helps you guys grow your farm

    1. I agree with Adoss. Excellent service. Do not mind seeing ads on the side or via popups.

    2. I would hate pop ups !! Its really annoying. I would not mind few ads within the page itself though.

  3. Need an hep in configuring CPU and memory threshold ,I would like set up double threshold monitoring for CPU and Memory when CPU/memory usage exceeds90% we should get warning alert and if usage goes beyond 95% we should get an critical alert .

  4. Nice portal with a variety of options on it. I wouldn't mind contributing financially, but how do I get to donate a moderate amount? The minimum I can donate seems to be 50$, which is a bit high for me :-)

    Please advise. Thanks

    1. Hi! thanks for your interest. You can now contribute lower amounts like $5-20. thanks!

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