Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Introducing Middleman Debt Transfer

We're excited to introduce a new feature today: we call it the "Middleman debt transfer". It's a simple way to settle up debts with people you don't see very often.

Let me show you how it works by an example:

Let's say Tom, Mary, and Peter goes out on a trip. Peter is Mary's friend, and Tom and Peter don't see each other very often.

After the trip, Peter ended up owing Tom $20.00. However, Peter doesn't see Tom much, so it's hard for them to settle their debts in person. 

However, they both see Mary very often. In real life, Peter would pay Tom back through Mary.  In other words, Peter would pay Mary $20, then Mary would pay Tom $20. Hence, Mary is acting as the "middleman" (or in this case the "middle woman"): she's not really gaining or losing money, but rather passing the money along.

With middleman debt transfer, the concept is similar. We let you transfer your debts so that you can settle through another person (middleman). To use this feature, go to the transfer debts page and select a "middleman" debt transfer. Simply pick:

  • a friend (that you don't see very often)
  • a middleman (a friend that you would see more often or sooner)
  • That's it!
The current debt balances will be adjusted so that your debt with that friend you don't see very often can be settled. Meanwhile, no one loses money.

Cool? Enjoy!
Billsup team


  1. Nice work again by the great bills up team!!.. good going guys.. and thanks for such a beautiful site for sharing our bills.. :)

  2. Billsup Team. Great Work guys!!! Love the app. Keep up the good work.

  3. Umm... all great. I kinda have a tiny problem. I'm trying to reset my password having forgotten it and billsup has this security feature of making the password recovery link expired in 6 hours.. and that's kinda cool. What is really UNCOOL is that i get the mail after 6 hours.

    1. hmm, mail shouldn't be delayed by so much. Send us an email at with your account email and we can reset your password for you manually.

  4. Under the "Treansfer debts" option, there is a "Minimize payments" option.
    After using the "Minimize payments" option, is there a way to reverse it?

    1. hey jay - you can simply delete the debt transfer and it would reverse the transfer

    2. Caleb thanks for the quick reply! But (exactly) how should I delete the debt transfer?

    3. you should be able to see it in your list of transactions

    4. I am unable to see it in my list of transactions.

      To elaborate on what i originally did: when I used the "Minimize payments" option, billsup ran an algorithm to minimize the number of payments that my acquaintances had to make to each other (but 1 of them is refusing to pay up, so it is causing problems).


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